Party Games


Piñata Idea

Sleeping Bag Game

Donut Eating Game

Decorate the Birthday Girl!

Balloon Bust for Kids

Musical Presents

Pin the Tooth on T-Rex

Musical Presents

Candy Bar Story

Word Jumble Game

Balloon Games

Who Am I Game

Musical Numbers Game

Story Party Game

Candy Game

Water Balloon Game

Candy Pop Game

Pin the Nose on the Girl

Mummy Wrap Game

Powdered Donut Game

Blind Makeover

Gorilla Game

Pokemon Bingo Game

Nail Polish Hot Potato

Wild Games


Pooh's Great Adventure

Who's Picture Game

Lucky Cup


Teen Games

Hidden Talents Game

Detective Celebrity

Balloon Pop Darts

Drawing Contest

Messy Mint Game

Follow the Yarn Game

Sponge Water Relay

Goody Bag Pass Around

Fishing Game

Magic Ribbon Pinata

Cooperative Musical Chairs

Charades, Sardines & Tag


Bucket of Pennies Contest

Roll for Candy

Balloon Games

Scavenger Hunt

Kiss the Poster Game

Balloon Games

Sports Party Tag

Puzzle Hunt Game

Balloon Relay

Picture Party 12yr

Sleepover / Ever After

Magic 8 Ball Game

Gum in Whipped Cream

Kiss the Poster

Dress-Up Game

Chinese Auction

Musical Presents

Gum & Cracker Game

Sleeping Bag Race

Take the Prize

Cards - Don't get the Ace

Who's Line is it Anyway?

Movie Questions Game

Balloon Pop Game

Mind Reading Game

Bingo Party 8yr

Dirty Face Trick

Balloon Pop Game

Balloon Dare

Marshmellow Scoop

Funny Obstacle Course

Guess Who 10yr

Cotton Ball Scoop

Pass the Parcel

Do You Know Me?

Musical Chairs

Dares in a Bowl

Wheel Barrel Race

Guess What Star

Flashlight Tag

Egg Roll

Hot Potato Unwrap


Present Exchange

Lipstick Game

Goody Bag Alternative

Dare in a Balloon

Gurgle Song

GPS Treasure Hunt

Hot Potato Gift

Whipped Cream Eating

Capture the Flag

Cross the River

Photo Booth

Candy Pass

Animal Acting Game

Musical Statues Game

Who Am I

Jello Drinking

Balloon Pop Game

Glow Shirt Graffiti

Hot Present

String Maze

Wink :)

Party Games

Frog Party

Animal Safari Party  

Pirate Game 7-9yr

Clothes Game

Photo Hunt

Gum Whipped Cream


Animal Match-up

Memory Game

Marshmallow Race

Birthday Trivia


Guess Who

Balloon Game

Spin the Bottle Game

Find the Glitter

Candy Bar Game

Guess the Number Game

Party Favor Game

Weakest Link Game

Gift by Number Game

Mystery Game

Blues Clues Party 4yr

Balloon Twister Game

Open the Present

Family Fued

Balloon Pinata

Trivia Race Game

Frozen Shirt Game

Sesame Stree Trivia

Clue Game

Puzzle Hunt Game

Dodgeball Party

Lucky Smartie Game

Jelly Fishing Game 6yr

Grocery Bag Game

Pop Find Game 12yr

Rice and Safety Pins


Capture the Black Pearl

Balloon Game

Pin the Crown Game

Jellybean Guessing Game

First Will Be Last Party 12yr

Balloon Stick Tight Game 6yr

Pin Crown on Princess Game

Tic-Talk Game

Birthday Bingo

Hawaiian Luau Games

Threee Little Pigs Game

Ice Cream Splat Game

Tallest Balloon Tower Game

How Observant Are You? Game

Observant Game

Catch the Balloon Game

SurPrize Box Game

Cotton On Nose Game

Difference Game

Squirt Out Candles Game

Present Game

Bilingual Ice Breaker Game

Candy Pass Game 12yr

Remember Box Contents Game

Guess What's True About Me Game

Save Ariel's Flounder & Friends Game

Adult Dollar Musical Chair Game

Crazy Zoo Game 8-10yr

Pass The Thimble To Sleeping Beauty Game 4yr

Fishpond Game

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