Party Games

Roll for Candy




Tigard, Oregon, United States


May 2001



I played this fun and long lasting game at my friends 13th party. It was a great hit and everyone loved it. All you need is candy bars and 4 dice and friends to play. Depending on how many people you have you buy candy bars for how many people you have playing (e.g. if you have 10 kids playing, buy 10 candy bars). All the players sit in a large circle and place all the candy in a line in the middle of the circle. You give 2 dice to one person and 2 dice to another person on the other side of the circle. When you receive the dice you role them and if you role a 7 or 11 you pick up a candy and hide it somewhere on your body. If you role a 7 or 11 and you notice that someone took the candy you wanted then you can say: "... I want your...." you would say here name and the candy you want. If you get it right then you can take there candy. If not then, you don't get it and you have to wait till' your next turn. When all the candy is gone you go for a couple more minutes or how ever long you wish and keep asking for the candy you want. When done you see who has the most candy, then enjoy!

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