Party Games

Marshmellow Scoop




Angelica in St. Robert, Missouri, United States


December 2001



1st thing 1st,whatever you do , do not invite more than 10 kids unless you have a huge cake.  I invited over 60 kids luckily only nine of them showed up.  We baked the cake about 30 minutes before the party.  The fist game we played was called "marshmallow scoop".  What you do is you take some marshmallows and big plastic ladles and 1 bowl for each player.  You blindfold the players and set a time limit (2-3 minutes is a good setting).whoever has the most marshmallows in their bowl wins.  After playing that we did the bobbing for apples game(I suggest you use separate apples for everyone because if you  don't most kids won't play).next have everyone go outside and sled(if there is snow).

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