Party Games

Threee Little Pigs Game




emma in baltimore,ohio,usa


June 2008



This is a game.  INTRUCTIONS: 1. YOU NEED AT LEAST 4 people to play this game 2. one of the players is the wolf the other people are the pigs 3. you have you to think of a color 4. the wolf says little pigs the other pigs say"not by the hair on my chinny chin chin". 5. than the wolf says" i want your colored eggs" the pigs say" you have to guess the colors first" 6. the wolf guess's colors and if the wolf guess's your color you have to run to a certain spot if the wolf guess's your color you can't let them get you. 7. if the wolf gets you you are the wolf.than you play again  tell al your friends and you will have a blast  "

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