Party Games





Rachel in sydney, nsw, australia


April 2006



This game is called Charades. Make alot of cards. On each crd write one word that can be acted out. Seperate the children into 2 teams. ask a person from one team to step up and close their eyes. Then ask them to pick a card. After this they have to act out the word that was on the card. find a timer and time them one minute to act. Their team has to guess the answer before the time is up! If their team does guess it then another person from that team has a go. If that persons team does not guess it before the time is up then a person from the other team is aloud to have a go. This game can go on forever, so keep a score card and count one score for each correct answer. You may choose when to end the game and and count up all the score to see the winning team. I have played this so many times with my daughters friends. They have so much fun too! Enjoy this game.   

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