Party Games

Candy Pass Game 12yr




Anastasi in Milphitas,CA,USA


August 2010



When i was twelve we played this game on a christmas party and I realy enjoyed it.We usually did it boys against girls. First make 2 teams atleast with 5 people in a team. Make them sit in a row boys in a row facing the girls row. Have each person have a spoon in there mouth(Plastic is the best). In each team on one end have about 10 candies (get a good size to fit in spoon) and on the other end a cup. The teacher says go and the person who is on the end closest to the candy try to put the candy in the spoon with out hands and pass the candy in the spoon to the next persons spoon without hands. When it gets to other end the person trys to make the candy fall in to cup when it falls in the cup another candy can be picked up in the spoon at other end. It was funny and took about 5 or more minets to finish game(Girls won in my class).

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