Party Games

Capture the Black Pearl




Danielle in Elk Grove,California U.S.


June 2007



This is a game that can be done in your living room,backyard, or any other area that you would prefer. Cut out a picture of a pirate ship or buy a toy ship and set it in the center of the area you decided to play in. Divide all of the kids that are playing into two or more teams(try to keep at a minimum level). Each teams chooses a pirate that will be competing. Each teams pirate is blindfolded then spun around. The team members that aren't blindfolded direct their pirate by saying left or right. When the pirate's team members say left or rights he/she pivots left or right and takes two steps forward. This continues until one of the pirates are in front of the Black Pearl at which the pirate's team tells him/her grab".At this point the pirate grabs the Black Pearl. Whoever captures the Black Pearl is the winner."

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