Party Games

Fishing Game




Carolyn in Guelph, Ontario Canada


February 2001



I was recently at a Birthday Party for a 1 year old.  There were several ages of children invited 1-5 years of age.  They played a 'Fishing Game'.  You drape a Large Blue sheet between two walls or two chairs (whatever you have). Stick, cut out fish all over the sheet. You make a fishing pole our of a small stick, clothes hanger etc.  Attach about 2-3 feet of string to the pole.  At the end you attach a clothes peg.  An adult sits behind the sheet with a bowl of goodies or small prizes.  Each child gets a chance to fish.  They throw in their line over the sheet and the adult behind the sheets attaches a goodie or prize for them.  The adult will tug on the line to let the child know that they have a bite. Great game.  Great fun.

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