Party Games

Hawaiian Luau Games




Akina in Bolton, Ontario, Canada


June 2008



Crab Soccer: Play Soccer the same way you would normally, except you walk like crabs (it's really fun, and i find its also fun for the older crowd {13 yrs-16 yrs} )   Coconut Relay Race: Separate your guests into 2 teams. You'll also need 2 coconuts. The first players run to a hula hoop. And they hula hoop 10 times, before they have to drop the hula hoop, go under the limbo stick (without falling on your bum!) and run to the coconuts. Where the take them, run to a marked area, and roll it back on the ground to where they got it from, and then they run back to their team.  Hula Hoop Contest: See who can hula hoop the longest  Limbo Contest: See who can go the lowest.  Beach Ball Volley Ball: Each team has a sheet. And each team member is holding on to a side of their team's sheet. Each team is on either side of a volleyball net, and then the teams have to pass the beach ball to each other over the net without the beach ball dropping.

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