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Pass The Thimble To Sleeping Beauty Game 4yr




Ankur in Cromwell, CT, USA


March 2012



Category- Games. Name: Pass the Thimble to Sleeping Beauty.\  Props: Thimble and needle set. Thimble was a cardboard cutout wrapped in aluminum foil. To it I stuck a giant needle (bamboo skewer wrapped in aluminum foil esp. around the tip so that it's not as sharp anymore)   How to play: I made the kids sit in a circle, and recounted the story of Sleeping Beauty in 3-4 sentences. Then asked, Who wants to go to sleep for a hundred years?" Many little hands shot up and of course all the Mommies’ hands shot up too. Then we passed around the thimble and needle with music - like pass the parcel except each one had to touch the tip of it to their finger. Whenever the music stopped person holding it had to drop asleep right there and stay asleep for a 100 years (till the end of the game). The last one woke up everyone with Kisses (Hershey's candies). It was hilarious because the winner was 6 years old and not keen to kiss everyone so the look of relief when I told her she wouldn't have to kiss everyone just hand out kisses.. was precious. :-) Kids loved "falling asleep" on the ground.. in fact after the first couple everyone was in a rush to fall asleep! "

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