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Follow the Yarn Game




Stacy in Bethalto, IL  USA


January 2001



The yarn maze prize game  We bought 10 different colors of yarn and tied a prize (small stuffed animal, pencils, poster, doll, car - or anything else you could even put your treat bag) at the end of each strand.  We then hid the prize but took the yarn and created a maze wrapping it around things-over, under, and through different things in the room - a chair, then a pillar, then around the toy box 3 times, over the other chair, under the table, etc.  The more you wrap, the longer the game takes and the neater the maze looks.  We did this in the basement and when I took the kids downstairs they loved this game - kids of all ages.  You can adapt the prizes for whatever type of party you are having - themed or not.

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