Party Games

Balloon Game




Carol in Warsaw, IN US


August 2006



Kids love a balloon-themed party.  There are many games to play with balloons.  One is:  tie a strong string onto as many balloons as there are children.  Tie the string (with the balloon on it) around the ankle of each child.  The children then try to pop each others' balloons.  Last child left with his/her balloon wins.  Another balloon game is:  A balloon is placed on a chair.  The children take turns sitting on it until someone pops it.  Another one is:  Toss your balloon into a bucket to try to make it land inside.  Another one is:  Draw the best face on a balloon.  Another one is:  Tie different shapes of balloons together to form an animal.  Also, a ballon hunt, with a special color balloon designated as the "golden" balloon, which wins a prize when found.  There are many games to be played with balloons.

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