Party Games

Clue Game




Kristen in Northampton PA, USA


April 2007



1. take double the amount of strips of paper as there are people. (ex: 10 people, 20 strips of paper) 2.Make 2 piles of paper (a pile of 10 and another of 10) 3. On the first pile, leave all but one blank. on the last one, put an M for murderer. then pass them out, one to each player. the person with the m is the murderer, but no one should know 4. on the second pile of papers, invent jobs" for example one person could be the cook the gardener the mayor and so on. then write different things such as the mayor is in love with the cook and hates the gardener. pass out these papers.  5. next each player should go to their appropriete places (ex-the cook in the kitchen) 6. everyone can walk around and talk. try to find out information about the other people.  7. the murderer can kill people only when there is only one other person in the room. they have to be very sneaky not to get caught. 8. when the victim is winked at he/she has to yell and fall to the ground.  9. note:the murderer cannot kill if there is someone able to see them 10. when someone thinks they know the murderer they have to grab them and drag them to a decided spot like the couch. 11. when they get the person to the couch that person has to show them his or her piece of paper 12. if it has an M the mystery is solved 13. if not that person is still "in jail" and cannot get out to solve the mystery. however they can still be killed by the real murderer.  14. if the murderer kills everyone the game is over and he/she wins"

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