Party Games

Photo Hunt




Marly in Burbank, CA USA


April 2006



Pre-Teen Birthday Party Idea: Supplies:   \* Kids   \* Polaroid camera   \* string/ribbon   \* paper & pen  Go to a shopping mall or outdoor shopping plaza or anything of that sort (Universal City Walk in Studio City is good) and look around at the shops and restaraunts, make a list of clues that will lead the teams around the area. tell the teams to either take a pic. of you eating something from there or wearing something or buying something or just take a pic of that place or item to show proof. Copy this list over and over again for however many teams you are going to have (remember to change the order for each list so they wont run into eachother). Get kids together and once you are at the shopping center, divide them into teams and give them the clue sheets, then tie thier wrists together with ribbon to make it harder. Give them the camera and their assigned adult and off they go! Have an adult or two waiting at the final destination (same for all sheets) to see the first team to get there who would end up being the winner! Suggested: give each adult a cell phone or walkie talkie so they can tell eachother where they are and how thier team is doing.

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