Party Games

Crazy Zoo Game 8-10yr




Rynn in Helena, Montana, USA


November 2011



This game is HILARIOUS! I suggest that this game be played with ages 8-10, or maybe with kids a little older, if the kids are silly. In this game, everyone forms a circle and chooses one person to be the 'zookeeper.' This person will go in the centre of the circle. The 'zookeeper' will then shout out an animal call,(The animal should be a well known animal, but not too well known to keep the game funny.) and all the people in the circle will try to guess which animal it is by shouting out guesses. Ask the participants to try not to use actions, because actions might give away the imitation. The person who guesses the animal that the 'zookeeper' is imitating gets to be the next 'zookeeper' and the two will switch places. A variation of this game is to have the 'zookeeper' shout the animal imitation at a person. The player must say the words That's a really bad imitation (name of 'zookeeper!") without smiling or laughing. If he/she laughs he/she is the next 'zookeeper' and will switch places with the current 'zookeeper.' "

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