Party Games

Balloon Pop Game




Jeanette in Merritt, BC, Canada


October 2001



Balloon pop game  I cut up little squares of paper, enough for each person at the party.  Mark 1 paper "Winner" and the rest "Sorry".  I then roll up the papers into little scrolls, so there is no way to tell which one the winner is.  I blow up a bunch of multi-colored balloons and place each scroll of paper inside.  At game time, everyone gets to pick out a balloon.  Then everyone gets a pin to pop it with.  On the count of three, everyone pops their balloons and gets to open their scroll.  The winner gets a prize!  Maybe for younger children, they can pop the balloon by sitting on it.  Quite often when I throw a party there are one or two kids that don't show up.  So when I do the balloons up, I place the "winner" scroll in one color, and I make sure that there are no more balloons of that color in the bunch.  That way if some don't show up, I take some of the balloons out to even it out.    The kids love to pop balloons, so it is fun for everyone!

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