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Candy Bar Game




Danielle in Natchez, Mississippi USA


September 2006


Honorable Mention

The Candy Bar Game  OBJECT:to find out who has what candy and then take it from them  PLAYERS: - ten to twenty  - adult to be the caller(it gets out of hand if the caller is not an adult)  WHAT YOU NEED: - two candy bars or individually wrapped candies per each player(hershy's bars, skittles, reeses, starburst, ect.) - one peice of paper for each player - a list of numbers, 1-20, on a poster board/large peice of paper - pens or pencils - if you are not playing at a table, the players will need somthing to write on  SET UP: 1.) if you are playing at a table, have all the players sit down so they are all facing each other. if you are not playing at a table, sit in a circle.    note-if you are not at a table, each player will need something to hide there candy under. pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals work well. If you are at a table, you can hide the candy under the table in your hands. 2.) pile the candy in the middle of the circle/table 3.) pass out a piece of paper and a pen to each player.(if they are not at a table, give them a book or something to write on) 4.) put the poster board/large peice of paper numbered 1-20 so it is visable to all players    note-even if you paly with more-or-less (then 10-20) players, keep it  1-20! The fewer numbers there are to call, the faster, and more fun the game will be. 5.) explain the WHOLE game plus the object to the players  HOW TO PLAY: (the caller will give the directions) 1.) tell each player to silently write 5 numbers on there sheet of paper. The numbers have to be 1-20 2.) the caller will call out a random number 1-20.    note-if you don't want to choose numbers ramdomly, write them on folded strips of paper and draw them at random  3.) all of the players with this number on their paper quicky grab a candy bar, what ever candy bar they want from the pile, and hide it so no one knows what they choose.   note-\* the players are tryings to see and remember what the other players choose!  4.) mark that number of the poster board so you know not to call it again, and they no it has been called. 5.) tell them to cross it off of their paper 6.) continue until all of the candy bars are gone 7.) call another number that you have not already called, have the people who wrote down this number raise their hand. The first person to raise their hand goes first. (dont tell them that they will get to go first, it will be harder for you) 8.) the person you choose in #6 now chooses someone, of his/her choice, to take a candy bar from. This part works like go fish. I the player guesses correctly, she/he gets to keep it, if not, it is the next players turn to ask.      example:ryan says, "sarah, do you have a kit-kat?" Sarah has the kit-kat so she gives it to ryan. ryan then hides it with his own stash. 9.) continues around the circle cockwise at least twice before you end the game.    note-if you are playing wirh younger kids, make sure everyone has at least one piece of candy.  RULES: - the turn after a player gets a candy bar, that same candy can not be taken away. (this is why you must go around at least twice)     example: ryan takes sarahs kit-kat but sarah takes it back on her next turn. OR ryan takes the kit-kat then lauren takes it from ryan. This is not very fair. - do not touch another person while they take their candy from the pile     examples: taking it out of their hands, revealing there hiding spot, ect.

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