Party Games

Squirt Out Candles Game




Paula in Valparaiso, Indiana USA


March 2010



You will need 2 cans of cake frosting, birthday candles (as many as the birthday child's age),a squirt gun filled with water and a block of styrofoam. Place styrofoam square onto a plate and cover styrofoam with frosting.  Place candles on top of the cake allowing them to sink into the styrofoam for better support. Place cake plate on a picnic table or covered card table outdoors and have the children stand back a good distance. Light the candles and give each child a chance to squirt out the lit candles. Each child should get a least 15 seconds to squirt out the candles. Relight candles or add new ones to the cake as each child takes his/her turn. Children who squirt out all the candles, win a prize. If you need to play this game indoors, set up cake plate in your bathtub on top of a large box. Water mess goes right down the tub drain.

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