Party Games

Ice Cream Splat Game




Victoria in Germany


July 2008



Game Supplies: Plastic plates and whip cream. People needed: atleast 3 players needed. Ice cream, Ice cream, Splat is when you get everyone to sit in a circle. It starts  with the birthday girl/boy.  The birthday girl/boy will stand up grab a plate full of whip cream. The birthday girl/boy starts to walk around the circle and say: There favorite types of ice cream: strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, banana. Once the person decides he/she has listed enough ice cream titles he/she says SPLAT...... and he/she hits the person he/she choses with the plate of whip cream.  Then he/she must run around the circle being chased by the person he/she has hit until she sits in the spot that was the persons that she/he hit. Repeat until everyone has had a turn.   (Optional) If you have waterguns or a hose it is fun to get wet and wahs all the whip cream off.  Have a watergun fight or just get one person to hose off everyone. Have fun and get wet at the same time..........

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