Party Games

Family Fued




Jessica in Cranford, New Jersey USA


February 2007



SO MUCH FUN!!! Here is what you do: Invite a bunch of people over (10+) then you split them up into two different teams, and pick a host. Way before you start playing make a bunch of categories (like your country's top 5 favorite sports, etc.) and have each person    write down what they think most people would say, then the host will go in the back room, and will organize the top five picks for each category, when they are done, they'll come back in and read the first category and the first team will say what they think the top five are if they get three wrong before they get all five, the other team gets to go and takes the points if they get it. After you have gone through all the categories,the team with the most points will win a grand prize. (money,gift certificates,etc.)

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