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Sports Party Tag




Meredith in Pine Plains, Ny , U.S.A


May 2001



My birthday party idea is for some kind of SPORT PARTY! The name of the game is Go Tag. The rules are  1. There are two captains who pick up to 4 people or more each. 2. There should be two goals at least 10ft wide or more and each one should be pretty far away from each other. 3. Each team will go to there chosen goal by either flipping a coin or rock paper scissors shot. 4. Then after each team is in there goals count to three and run after each other 5. The point of this game is to tag people on the other team but try not to get tagged yourself. 6. Lets say you do get tagged though. Then you must go to the opposite teams goal and stay there until someone on your team can tag you out without getting tagged themselves. 7. If you want each team could have between 1 to 4 jail guards or people who try to keep the opposite team from getting out there teammates from jail. 8. If someone gets hurt from being tagged to hard though then that persons teammates in jail can all come out. 9. There should be no tagging above the shoulders.                  That's my game and its been a success at my parties and at my school and I hope it will work out for you too! :)

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