Party Games

Present Exchange




Sarah in Cary, NC


Oct 2002



A birthday exchange party is so much fun!  What you do is ask each child to bring a preasent without a card.  You then place all the presents in the middle of the floor.  The birthday child would pick a child then that child  would pick a preasent to open.  After that child opened it the next child would go, they could pick to have  any preasent already opened and take that one or pick another out of the middle of the floor.  If they choose to take a present already opened the child that he took it from would then go pick another present and so on.  The birthday child would go last and have any pick of the presents or take the last present from the middle of the floor.  At the end every child ends up with a gift.  This party is so much fun and can be at any time of the year.  Hope you have fun!

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