Party Games

Animal Match-up




Amanda in Brandon FL. USA


May 2006



I am ten yers old and here is a fun game I took time thinking about. It is called "What Animal." You need at least 40 plastic animals or less.What you do is you get a sheet of paper and get the animals. You need an even number of animals. So you pick an animal and write about it,but do not give too much away about it.After you write about it,put it in a pile.you make seperate piles for the animals,and write the animals name,in small print,on the back. Finally you have the animals in piles and the guests read what you wrote and try to find the animal that goes with the description. Tey have to find it in 30 seconds. If they can not find it and they still have some seconds,then they still hve a chance to find it. The cards you used goes in a diferent pile. The bonus round is when the guests with the highest scores goes to the bonus round. But remember,that you need to put all the cards together. Even when it is the bonus round,and when it is not,the first guest on either team gets it first, wins. The guest that wins gets a prize.

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