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Pirate Game 7-9yr




Lois in San Jose, CA


February 2006



PIRATE GAME  Here is a fun game for a pirate, military (Navy) or Tinkerbell party.  I just saw it at my daughter's gymnastics class today, played by 7, 8 and 9 year olds.  It was absolutely hilarious to watch, and the children loved it.  At a Tinkerbell party, Captain Hook would call out the commands.  Otherwise, it could be the captain of whatever kind of ship your theme requires.  Directions: The children will need a large, flat place to play.  This represents the deck of a ship.  First, you slowly demonstrate how to follow the commands.  You can practice with the birthday child ahead of time so he/she can demo.  FRONT OF THE BOAT:  Run to the forward of your play space.  For older kids you could get really fancy and say bow.  BACK OF THE BOAT: Run to the back edge of your play space.  Again, older kids could handle the command stern instead.  HIT THE DECK:  Lie down on your back with your arms outstretched on the ground (airplane position).  LOOK OUT: Stand with your legs spread apart, put hand up as if to shield eyes from sun, look around and yell Ahoy!.  DEAD RAT:  Lie on your back with legs kicking in the air.  SALUTE:  Stand at attention with heels together, salute and yell Aye aye sir! PIRATE: Make a hook with finger, look ferocious and growl Arrrrr!  WALK THE PLANK: Walk stiffly with arms outstretched like a sleepwalker.  When playing this game, start slowly so the children can get used to the commands.  Do Front of the Boat and Back of the Boat a lot to keep them on the move.  Anyone who does the wrong command is out.  When everyone is used to the commands, then you can get faster so that, for example, they are only half way across the space with Front of the Boat when you say Dead Rat, and they are barely down when you say Salute.  At my daughter's gymnastics class, the last one to follow any command was also out.  This made the children extremely eager to follow the commands quickly.  Seeing them go from flat out running for Back of the Boat to instantly flat on the ground for Hit the Deck was a hoot.  Last one standing was the winner, but the way I saw it played today, the caller kept the game moving so fast that the class of 16 was able to play three rounds in ten minutes, and they all had so much fun that no prizes were needed, just applause for the winners. I hope you enjoy this fun naval-themed game. 

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