Party Games

Funny Obstacle Course




Jaz in Delta, B.C, Canada


January 2002



OBSTACLE COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did this at one of my friends house when I was I kid!!!! Oh the olden days!!! well anyway these are the supplies u need.... old clothes, hats, scarves, hula hoops, a chair(or 2), a soccer net and a soccer ball.  1. make them dress up in the clothes 2. make them run around the chair(1 -3 times) 3. make them hula with the hula hoops five times 4.make them shoot the soccer ball into the net. 5. make them run back take off the clothes and tag the next person in there team. it would be wise to make teams of 1-4. Then continue the pattern until everyone has gone. and then award the winning team with a small prize.

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