Party Games

Find the Glitter




Lindsay in Holley, NY USA


September 2006



My Brother and i were wondering what we should do for his birthday in October since you cant play with water like in summer birthdays. We decided to have a holloween party. After  while I thought to myself, all great parties have 1 great game for kids and adults to play. So What i decided was we would envelopes with the glitter that is shaped like ghost. My parents would hide the envelopes with the amount of glitter needed(the harder the spot the more glitter) and the team name (red, blue exc.). After 30 minutes pass the teams come back with whatever they found. The teams would empty there envelopes into a measuring cup and whichever team had the most glitter wins. What they win is putting whipped cream in the other teams face. TIP: You should get the boards with a painted picture on it and cut out the head. You put whipped crea on a PAPER plate and get to through a PAPER plate on the other team.

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