Party Games

Take the Prize




Joe in San Diego Ca USA


August 2001



This game I call TAKE THE PRIZE. It is for 3,4 and 5 year olds, but spirited 2 year olds also play. Before the game, an adult draws a very simple doodle on a piece of paper. Then, on a second piece of paper, draw the exact same doodle. Then, on the bottom side of that second paper, draw any different simple doodle. On a third piece of paper, draw the same doodle that is on the bottom of the second paper. Continue this process until desired number of papers each having a doodle on the top exactly the same as the previous paper's bottom and its' bottom the exact same doodle as the following paper's top. The exception is the first paper which has nothing on the bottom. Randomly place all papers except the first paper top side up on the floor throughout the house. Show the first doodle to every child and ask them to find the exact same doodle on one of the positioned papers. When one does, pick it up and call all the children to that location and dramatically turn it over and show all the children the bottom doodle and ask them to find THAT doodle. The last paper will have on the bottom the words TAKE THE PRIZE. The game is over and a small prize is awarded to the child who found the last doodle. During the game, adults should enliven spirits by saying such things as...it looks like a BIG worm!

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