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Megan in CANADA


March, 2000



This is what I did for my 11th birthday. I invited 20 girls and 6 guys. When each guest arrives tape a Star, cartoon, or TV ad characters name on them and have them walk around asking other guests yes or no questions like "Is my person a man or woman?" After that get everyone to get their presents and sit in a circle. Put a bottle in the middle and let the birthday girl spin it and whoever it lands on the guest of honor opens their gift. In the invitation get the b-day girl to write a list of hard to find things like mom or dad's toy from childhood or 8-track tape etc. And ask the people to find as much of the stuff as they can. Award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes bought from CLAIRE'S or any store you would like. After that have a singing contest and let the girls and guys belt out their favorite songs. Have dinner probably pizza, pop, and chips.  After that watch a movies  two favorites are "Clueless" a movie about makeovers, malls and boys whatever or "The Wedding Singer" about a guy who is a wedding singer and on the day of his wedding she doesn't come! The two movies are hilarious and sure to be liked. At 8:00 or so send all the guys and people who can't stay for the sleepover home and have the rest of the girls do whatever they want! Another movie, TV, games or whatever! For breakfast have cereal, pancakes, bagels, eggs, whatever else you can thing of!

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