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Adult Dollar Musical Chair Game




Ronda in California, USA


October 2011



A couple of fun birthday party ideas for large groups: If you are having a large party and there are decorated tables you can play a game similar to musical chairs however your guest don't leave their chair. The person hosting the game will ask someone from the table to donate a dollar. That person will hold the dollar up. When the music starts they will pass the dollar around (like musical chairs) You will do it about 5 times and the last time you will have a winner (no one get eliminated)...here is the kicker. You announce that the person holding the dollar has just won......A DOLLAR, but the person who donated the dollar wins the centerpiece. The centerpiece can be a nice flower decoration, or I made cardboard cake forms with candy glued to the outside that looked like birthday cakes. I have also seen mini pinatas full of candy (for a fiesta style party) or little bowls with goldfish in them for an under the sea or luau party. Ideas are endless. Another fun game is a scavanger hunt. You ask for 10 volunteers. You seat them in the front of the party. You ask them to run and retrieve items from around the room and run back to the chairs as you remove the chairs one by one. Some ideas : Find a dollar bill with a one and a six (for a sweet 16 party)..everyone runs and finds it and runs back to the chairs, one person will be out...the host can collect the dollars to confirm they are good and donate them to the birthday person. You can say....find me a piece of gum, a spoon, a tube of lipstick, and if you REALLY want to see something funny, ask for a white sock or another piece of clothing. Hope you try these games, they have been fun in the past.

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