Party Games

Dares in a Bowl




Sally in Birmingham, West Midlands, England


April 2002



A really great party is a sleepover party. You can play loads of cool games and my favorite follows. You write a whole load of dares on pieces of paper, {one dare per piece} and then put them all in a bowl. You then get hold of another bowl which you tape onto an alice band. When your guests arrive, you blindfold one of them, and place the alice band with the empty bowl taped to it on their head. You then place in front of them the bowl with the dares in, and a big spoon. Set a timer for however long you like {thirty seconds works well} and they have to get as many pieces of paper as possible into the bowl on their head using only the spoon. This gives loads a laughs to the whole party. When the time's up, the guest playing the game has to do all the dares that they didn't get into the bowl on their head. It is a good idea to give the guest a chocolate bar for playing the game, so they don't feel too hard done by!

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