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First Will Be Last Party 12yr




Tammy in West Point, UT, USA


October 2007


Honorable Mention

The First Will be Last and the Last Will be First Birthday Party      This was a party for a pre-teen (age 12)and 6-8 friends that we played both inside and outside. You will need some set up help; I used older siblings, to help keep the activities rolling.  I planned about 10 different short activities.  Remembering that when I was a kid, I hated parties where one or two kids always won all the games and got all the prizes, I decided to try and even the playing field a little.  With a bunch of different activities of both skill and luck, the chances that the same kids would win would be narrower.  I made point coupons : 5 points for first place, 3 points for second place and 2 points for third place.  This also helped more kids feel" like winners.    We began with "Blow your Whistle".  A whistle was buried deep inside a pile of whipped cream.  The players had to find their whistles and be the first to blow it (which is now filled with whipped cream!) without the use of their hands. Point coupons were handed out to the top three fastest whistle blowers.  (Have your camera handy!)   Then we moved on to a game called "Cheeto Head".  Players were asked to pair up while the other is given a baggie filled with cheese puffs.  Two lines are marked outside on the grass or driveway and the shower cap person stands on one line facing AWAY from the partner while the cheese puff holder stands about three feet back at another line.  There can be three or more sets of partners going at once.  On the word "Go" players begin to throw their cheese puffs into the shaving foam.  This game is hilariously fun!  Give the players a set amount of time about 1 minute.  When the time is up have the thrower COUNT how many cheese puffs they got stuck to the shower cap.  Now switch players.  Give the point coupons to the three highest cheese puff stickers   Clothes Pegs - give each player 8-10 clothes pegs and tell them to attach them to their clothes sleeves bottoms of shirts etc.  In a confined area give the players a set amount of time to try and peg their clothes pegs to someone else.  The object is to get the most pegs on you but you can't stand in one place you always have to be moving.  Its' very funny to watch 12 year olds run around and scream at each other.  A little goofy but they all got right into it.  Give the points to the three highest peg holders.   Tin-Can Stand a game of balance.  Each player is given a large juice can (the 46 oz or 1 L size) to stand on and a bottle of bubbles to blow.  They must stand on ONE LEG on their juice can and blow bubbles.  The last three standing get the points.   Cotton Face Game  - each contestant smears petroleum jelly on their nose and is given a plate full of cotton balls.  The object is to move as many cotton balls from OFF of the plate in a set amount of time a minute or so.  Count the cotton balls and the three highest get the points.      Go for Golf - I bought a $1 putting set and the object was to putt the ball with three tries.  Give the points to the most putts closest etc.      To Eat or Not to Eat - this is a great game for picky eaters and was the most fun game that we played.  This takes a couple of people to help keep organized and flowing.  Have all the players sit at a table.  Then set one icky food down in front of them at a time.  We covered each tasty morsel with a small paper portion cup so it wasn't visible.  When everyone was ready they removed their "lids" and chose to eat or not to eat.  The first one done received the 5 points and so on.  If no one wanted to swallow the person who was willing to hold the icky food inside their mouth for the longest was declared the winner.  We had several rounds of this game and gave points out on each round.  We used : smoked oysters water chestnuts (mistaken for potato) avocados sardines etc.  Anything different or odd sounding works well!     Rice Game - a cake pan is filled with rice and tiny gold safety pins.  Each player is BLINDFOLDED and given a minute or two to remove by touch only as many safety pins as they can.  This is much harder than it sounds.  The top three received the points.     The Hula Hoop game.  Players were each given a hula hoop and the best hula hoopers were awarded the highest points in a set amount of time.       Are You a Sucker? While we were opening gifts each player was given a sucker.  The first three to finish their suckers WITHOUT biting or chewing it were awarded the points.    At the end of the party the players points were added up and because of the wide variety of games all the players had lots of points.  A number of different prizes/party favors were laid out and the person with the LEAST amount of party points got the privilege of being the FIRST to pick a prize.  The pick then went to the next highest and so on.  So the person with the most points actually had last pick but got they also got to boast of having the most points and the person with the lowest amount of points got to pick first.  Although this was a unique and different way to award the winners EVERY player felt important.   The players also got to keep any supplies they used in the game hula hoops bubbles whistle etc. if they wanted to.         Remember any kind of fun relay type or contestant type game can be molded to fit this kind of party just be imaginative and creative and you will have a blast.  This party was as much fun to oversee as it was to participate in.  If you are creative with a computer you could photo-shop a picture of the birthday kid onto your point couponsĀ.  You could give each party-goer some kind of coupon holder I just used envelopes with each person's name on it.  Have Fun! "

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