Party Games

Mind Reading Game




Natalie in Atlanta GA, USA


October 2001



Mind-reading game:  This game is usually used at a slumber party, or at night.  A group of people separate into two groups.  One group goes out of the room to decide who will be the mind reader, and what the code will be.  The other group tries to guess the code by listening to what the other group members say to the mind reader.   Ex: The mind-reader leaves the room while the rest of the group asks the other group a question.  "What is your favorite city?"  Then someone may say Chicago.  The mind-reader then enters the room and one person from the mind-reader's team asks, "What is the city we are thinking of?"  The code for this team is always the last one to be said.  "New York, Atlanta, Buffalo, or Chicago".  The mind-reader will know that it is Chicago because it was the last one said.  Then, when the other team guesses the code, it will be their turn.

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