Party Games

Decorate the Birthday Girl!




Michelle in Canton, Michigan


November, 1999


Honorable Mention

This was a hit last year at my 9 year old daughters party.  We decided to make a birthday cake that looked like her. It ended up being about 2 1/2 feet long. I baked 2 8" rounds, 2 9x13's. Used one round for the head, one 9x13 for the body. Cut other 9x13 into three long pieces. Use two for the legs and cut the other in half for arms. Use the other round for shoes and hands (I tried to make the shoes look like platform shoes) and I also used remaining to flair out legs so they looked like bell bottoms. I covered a long piece of cardboard with foil and we put the whole cake on this. I then used one layer of frosting to cover the whole cake to "blend" it all together and to get the least amount of crumbs in the frosting from all the cut pieces. When the girls arrived, we showed them the cake and then said they were going to have to decorate it to look like Megan. I had several different colors of frosting (thanks to food coloring) sprinkles, candy, etc, etc. I used toasted coconut for the hair. You could get pretty creative. !The girls had a blast. They each picked an area to decorate. She had blue jeans, a purple T-shirt with a peace sign, brown platform shoes and lots of decorations all over her clothes. We took lots of pictures and videos and then dug in! It was a lot of fun and the girls really had fun trying to make the cake look like the birthday girl.

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