Party Games

Balloon Pinata




Wendy in Libertyville IL, United States


February 2007



I got such great ideas off this site for my son's army party last year I wanted to share something we did.  In my quest for army stuff i picked up packs of grenade balloons that are available, not knowing what we'd do with them. I ended up putting candy in the balloons and then scattering them around the yard for a hunt. Blow them up first, deflate and then you can stretch them to put wrapped candy like starbursts, twix , kit kat snack size,etc. Then blow them back up again. I told each kid they got to find 12 balloons because there was a wide age range, so if the older kids finished fast they helped the younger kids find theirs.  Then the kids broke open the balloons with parent's help to get their candy. Just an alternative to a pinata.

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