Party Games

Sesame Stree Trivia




Christen in Littleton, CO USA


April 2007



I always have a trivia contest for the adults and parents at my kids' birthday parties!  For my daughter's 2nd birthday, the theme was Sesame Street...I created a 25 question trivia contest called Do You Have Street Smarts?" complete with bonus questions (all info was gathered from a couple of good websites).  The adults had a blast trying to recall events from the 35+ years Sesame Street has been on the air.  Some of the answers were hilarious!  The winner got a Sesame Street magnetic notepad.  I plan on doing the same for the adults at my son's Star Wars party in May.  Now my returning parents study up before coming to our parties!  I think it is fun to give the adults something to look forward to at the party with very little effort on my part!  This idea can also be adapted to ANY theme!"

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