Party Games

Gum Whipped Cream




Mary in Rockwall, TX, U.S.A.


April 2006



Gum in the Cream (age 9-14)  1. Hide a piece of bubble gum in a mound of whipped cream on a foam plate(one for each guest) 2. Line guests up in front of their plates, and tell them to put their hands behind their backs 3. Have a parent (or someone else who isn't playing the game) yell "Start!"; this is the cue for the children to start searching for the gum (without their hands, obviously) 4. The first person to blow a bubble with their gum is the winner!  \*while this game is loads of fun, it is very messy, so it would be a good idea to lay out a tarp or to play outside, and plenty of wet rags for faces afterwards are a must

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