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Stacy in Chicago, Il, USA


May 2001



this idea is a game idea instead of doing a piñata there was an idea submitted about searching under balloons for prizes. Although that's a good idea for little kids, a good idea for 6 or 7 year olds who's mechanics aren't developed yet or for kids who are too old for a piñata. you can blow up balloons with prizes in them.  You tie them onto kids ankles (maybe four balloons a person) and the kids go around stomping on them if you stomp on someone's you get the prize inside Once all your balloons are popped you take your prizes and sit on the side to watch.  This game is great and fun make sure you have another set of balloons for the kids to play with  Another version is the kids have a laundry basket with a certain amount of balloons in it  When you say go or blow a whistle they start trying to pop their balloons as fast as they can (sitting on them or stepping on them) and whoever pops all theirs first gets a big prize (E.I. stuffed animal, Barbie, toy car, something like that) but everyone else gets a sucker or something hope it helps!

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