Party Games

Candy Pass




LAURINN in Nazareth  PA  USA


April 2004



(For 7-12 yr. old)   \*Go around your house and get about 5 paper towel tubes. Fill them with all different kinds of candy. Then wrap it up with fancy, colorful wrapping paper. Then attatch pieces of paper to them saying something like (pass this to whoever is wearing a blue shirt or hand this to whoever is wearing black on their shoes ect.) Once the girls/boys arrive, sit them at a table and take out one tube and give it to the birthday girl/boy. Then he/she has to read the label and give it to whoever needs it. Keep on going until all the tubes are out. Then, the kids that has the tubes, unwrap them and keep or eat the candy thats inside. The Kids who dont get a tube get to pick out of a bowl full of candy without looking and get 3 pieces. HaVe FuN!!   xoxox

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