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SaMaNtHa!!!!! :) in Oakdale,CA


February 2007



HEY,         Well, my birthday is in a couple days so i thought of a game! U will need:                                                                  FRIENDS :)                                                                 A PRIZE                                                                 DIFFERENT WRAPPING PAPER Then,before the party wrap the prize first with one kind of wrap THEN another,(layers)about 10 times or so. Next,at ur fabulous have everybody sit in a circle and the b-day GIRL:) or boy:( starts by opening the first layer of the prize then STOPS at the next layer and passes it over and so on.... the person who opens the last layer gets 2 keep the prize!!!HOPE U LIKE THIS GAME IF NOT O WELL THX 4 UR TIME!!!!! HAVE FUN!LUV,SaMaNtHa

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