Party Games

Dirty Face Trick




Kacee in Spring TX, USA


October 2001



Title: Face Paints In the dark!     I did this game at my friends party and it was so much fun! First you take two glass plates and put one over a candle, it will make it black but it washes off. Then you give the Birthday boy/girl the clean plate and put him/her at one end of the table. Then you turn off all the lights and put a candle in the middle of the table and put the black plate at the other end(across form the b-day person) You take one of the guests and make sure they don't look around only at the b-day person. And the guest has to do everything that the b-day person does so by the end of it everyone has black all over their face and the one with the most wins.(it washes off very easy and this can be done at any age) Thanks Kelly.

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