Party Games

Wink :)




Brittany in Highland, UT USA


August 2005



Wink ;)  My name is Britt and I have a fun party idea for you.  This is a game you can play with ages 8 and up.  It is called 'Wink'.  It is especially fun with boys!   What you do is you set up chairs for half your guests.  (you need an odd number for this game.)  Lets say you have 21 people.  You will need 11 chairs.  Fill only 10 chairs with people.  Then have everyone else pick a chair to stand behind.  There will be one person who will have nobody sitting in his/her chair.  That person is called the winker.  He/she has to wink at someone who is sitting in a chair.  The person who they wink at needs to try to get to the other chair before the person behind them grabs them back, so they dont escape.  Lets say he/she doesn't grab the person in time, then he/she becomes the winker.  If they do grab them back then the winker needs to wink at someone else. This is a very fun game.  And it hasnt let me down yet.  Have fun with it! 

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