Party Games

Dodgeball Party




Joe in Pelham, NH, U.S.


May 2007



Well, i rented a field at a local community center and they wer supplied with a bunch of dodgeballs. I had about fourteen kids so 7 on each team. we played on mats and across the room were nets like soccer goals. There is 1 goalie on each team and 6 anywhere on the mat. Obviously, if you catch the ball you stay in, if it hits you anywhere and you don't catch it you are out, but if you get a dodgeball inside the goal, passed the goalie, you get to retrieve all of the players that had been hit. If you throw the ball to the goal and the goalie catches it, the person that threw it is out. The party was a lot of fun because we played for about an hour. After we had cake and pizza and ice cream then stayed at the casa for the night

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