Party Games

Marshmallow Race




Alexandra in TX USA


June 2006



One games that I've played at my birthday parties for as long as I can remember are the marshmallow race. You divide the kids into 2 teams, and provide each team with a butter knife.(not a sharp knife)You give each team a certian amount of marshamllows. 10-15 is good. Once you start, the first member of each team must put as many marshmallow as you can on the knife, then walk to the other end of the room and pump the marshmallows into a bowl. You can't pick up the child can't pick up the marshmallow if it drops. If one drops, have one of the adults pick it up and put it at the starting line. Once the first member of the team puts the marshmallows in the bowl, they must then run back to the starting line and give the knife to the next person on the team. The team who gets all of the marshamllow in the bowl first wins! P.S. You have a seperate bowl for each team  Another game is the baloon relay. It is similar to the marshamllow race. Each team is provided with about 10 ballons. On the opposite side of the room, put 2 pieces of tape on the ground. (Duct tape works best)Then, the first member of each team has to run to the piece of tape and put the baloon there and try to pop it by sitting on it. This is repeated until one team has all their baloons popped. The team with all their baloons popped first wins. Have fun!

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