Party Games





Maddy in Singapore


Sept. 2000



I am 14 and every year I organize my little sisters birthday party. My sister is 12 and the games we play are young games that are just twisted a little to make them more suitable for older kids. Her friends always look forward to her parties as they are just different and really fun for 12 year olds  We play pass the parcel with forfeits as well as sweets in every layer, such as:  eat a spoon of ketchup or dance around the room like a chicken We play the balloon game in which all the children must tie a balloon to their ankle and in two teams, run around after each other trying to pop each others balloons without popping their own!!  Then their is the game where there are two teams and they have to pass an orange around under their chins down the line...whoever finishes first wins!!! and dunking for apples is always a huge hit. All very economical and easy games!!

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