Party Games

Pop Find Game 12yr




Melissa in Shreveport Louisiana United States


June 2007



For my 12th birthday I had a D.J. and a ton of food. I invited 15 kids and we played games. The first game,Pop findwas very simple but all my friends loved it! You split all of the children up into 5 teams and get a balloon for each person. You will need to put a chair on the other end of each team. In each group you will have 1 random balloon with 1 piece of paper in it. When that person goes to pop their balloon they will look for the peice of paper. If they have it then they will stand aside like everyone else and wait until everyone is through. Everyone must complete the game. The person with the piece of paper will win the prize. The prizes are in order by which one is the best. The first team to finish Pop Find ofcourse gets the #1 prize and so on and so forth. This game is very fun but does not cost a lot and is very simple to setup.

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