Party Games

Magic 8 Ball Game




Emily in Sunnyvale, California U.S.A


June 2001



Magic 8 Ball Game              Have the host write down silly things to do like "Will I have to walk around the circle and moo like a cow?" the day before the party. Then write down 28 different questions and put them in a basket. At the party have the guests sit in a circle play hot potato with a Magic 8 ball. When the music stops the guest with the ball will take a slip of paper from the basket and read the question aloud. Have them shake the 8 ball and follow its replies. If the ball answers "yes" have the guest do what the paper says and move out of the circle. If the ball says "no" put the slip of paper back in the basket and continue playing. If the ball asks the guest "maybe" have the guest read the question and shake the ball  If you do not have a Magic 8 ball you may substitute it for another basket with 16 different replies.

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