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Amanda in Cool California USA


October 2000


Honorable Mention

Hi my name is Amanda and I live in a tiny city in California. I hope you like these games I do. Games: This game requires: People This is a fun game for girls 12 and up. First you get in a circle. Then you have one person in the middle of the circle. Then the person in the center of the circle asks everyone a question saying have you ever____________? Then everyone who has done___________ moves so the person in the middle can't sit down. Then if the person in the middle does sit down then the person to there left or right who didn't move goes up.  Another fun game is called piggly wiggly. This game requires: 1 sleeping bag per kid and pad of paper and pencil or pen This game works for all ages. First you pick someone to go out of the room then everyone in the room gets into someone else's sleeping bag. When you are all in a sleeping bag one person yells to the person outside of the room to come in. The person comes in and goes to the first sleeping bag and say's Piggly wiggly the person under the sleeping bag say's oink oink then the person that said piggly wiggly guess who the person is and writes it down on a piece of paper. The kid can't come out of sleeping bag tell the hole game is done. Then the hole game goes on like that.  Fun game: Murder 'n' The night This game requires: paper and pencil Ages: 11 and up most the time People for game: 5 or more works best First what you do say you have 8 kids what you want to do is get a piece of paper and write Murder then cut out a 1 and a half inch square then write detective on the paper and cut it out. Then you will need to cut out 3 people cards. Or how ever many people there are. (You can only have one murder and one detective. When you cut them all out you fold them in half then put them in a hat and have each kid pick a card. (they can't say what they are)(and can't put the card back tell everyone has a card) After everyone knows what they are. The detective turns off the light and stands or sits in the same spot until someone gets tagged and fake falls down dead the detective turns the light on. Everyone mingles around until the murder taps the person on the shoulder 2 times. When that happens the person has to wait ten seconds before he or she falls over and dies. The murder can only tag 1 person at a time.(meaning he or she can't tag anyone else till the next time. When the murder tags someone and the person fake dies the detective will turn on the light (Murder can't kill detective) and asks each person where they where on the night of the murder and each one says like I was at a movie or something like that. Then if the detective can detect that first round then they pick cards again. If he can't decide then they will play another round until the detective can figure out who it was. Also if the detective guesses wrong then he or she dies and the murder wins. You want the room as dark as possible. Hope you like these games!

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