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Racheal in Hartington, Nebraska     USA


Sept. 2000



My sister just had her 9th birthday not too long ago and it was a hit! First the guests came and they all danced to music.  Then we played "The Hoolahoop Game" to see who could hoolahoop the longest.  Next we played musical chairs and then ate. Next, we put a big glob of whipped cream on a plate for each girl and a big piece of bubblegum in the middle of it.  Now they had to put their faces into the plate to get the gum, then whoever could blow a bubble first wins! (if you want to make it more fun you can throw the leftover whipped cream into the partygirls face!) Finally, they opened presents.   Then it was time for the piƱata!  Then we watched a good movie and we set up a tent for the girls to sleep in  our livingroom! It was a blast!

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