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June 2007



I have this game that I think I have seen on a TV show before... Make teams of equal people, or make somebody go twice. You have to ask each person at the begining if they would rather use their mouth or their toes (don't tell them why. Just write down what they say). After that tell them that that's what they're using to pick up ice cubes with. WHAT YOU NEED! All you need is a lot of ice cubes and bowls. HOW TO PLAY? 1.One person from each team goes at a time. The person gets one minute to take one icecube with their toes/mouth and see who can get the most in Each person goes at least once and whichever team gets the most icecubes in total Wins. If you want you can give the winning team a little prize (Boys: Little toy cars, etc. Girls: Lipbawm, etc.) I hope you liked it as much as I did :o)

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