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SurPrize Box Game




Steven in Bay City, MI, United States


May 2009



Take a cardboard box, completely closed on all sides, top and bottom. Decorate it however you want, but cut out a large hole on one SIDE, and hang a flap there - so that a hand can reach in, but no-one can see in. (I use a colorful washcloth, it's the perfect size, and hangs like a curtain - you/others can't see in around the hand when reaching in.) Put in the box all sorts of treats and prizes. Use different shapes and textures. I like to put in a dollar bill, a scratch-off lottery ticket, types of candy, treats, etc. Optional, but added fun - put in a Booby" prize - something that feels like it could be candy but is a packet of taco mix for instance! That's always a HUGE hit!! Get out all of your board games set the kids up and let them play the games one-by-one. The winner gets a pick in the "SurPrize Box". The kids LOVE this the games are familiar to everyone. Set up time is nothing just set out the games that every household has. The cost is extremely cheap - just candy and snacks. Doesn't take a huge amount of time but does fill out a nice portion of a party. The kids love the games the competitiveness they all are SO EXCITED to be the one who gets a pick in the box which is all by feel alone to see what they get. (After the games are done you can pass the box around to those who didn't get a pick or to pass out all of the prizes if you wish).  Such a huge hit that my kids want me to do this for them on regular family game nights!!"

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